Welcome to the Revised Beta of HN:AR!

Welcome to the Revised Beta of HN:AR! Before we go into this brand new version, let me tell you a bit more about it.

Months ago, I was working on the game when, all of a sudden, the project corrupted itself. I was shocked as I had just spent the previous night working for hours on a new map. Now a project I had spent two years working on was gone with no previous back-ups. When I realized I couldn’t fix the corruption, I went away for a few weeks and came back with an idea to rewrite the entire project. My first thought was to get together a team to help develop it faster, but I decided to work alone as getting people to work at a distance was harder than expected. I announced that the revised version was in production and then started working. Ten months later, we’ve come to this point.

The revised beta is a very short build that acts like a demo for the full release. The beta has a different house than the full release, but the gameplay mechanics are similar. Some new additions to this version are item animations, a new player character, a new map design, and improved performance. There are also some features still being experimented with, such as randomized time of day and weather. This version will not be the last version either. I will try to constantly update the beta to fix bugs and add new features leading up to the full release. The full release date has not yet been announced but will be when the game is close to completion. Again, this build is very short and doesn’t contain much since this is only the beginning. Information about all future patch updates will be posted on this website from now on.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll enjoy the new update!


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