Staff App Results + Inactivity & Future Uploads

First of all, we got a brand new category on the website called “Community Updates,” where I will post more about community-related updates. I’ll post updates on, for example, my Discord and Gamejolt community servers. And yes, I have a Gamejolt community that I created yesterday. If you want to join it, you can find it on my profile under the communities list.

Alright. I’ve been running Discord staff apps for quite some time now, and we have finally decided. And while introducing a new “Moderator” role alongside “Administrator,” who gets staff, and who doesn’t? And well, here’s the answer depending on the number order of which came first:

N.2: Community Manager

N.3: Administrator

N.5: Moderator

N.9: Moderator

N.14: Moderator

You’ll get a DM with your number if you’ve made it.

About upcoming videos and inactivity

I haven’t been posting that many videos lately, and that’s because I’ve gotten a little burned out. There are some videos that I get tired of editing, and there are some that never get past planning. It’s hard to maintain your channel and keep it active. I’m working on reviewing fan games for a video, but I can’t find that many good ones. The UE4 tutorials are in the works as well, but I get tired of editing them. The HNAR game is awaiting rework, and I’m still working on original music. There’s so much going on right now, which is why I haven’t uploaded for the past weeks. I just thought I’d address it so I can get it off my chest.

However, that isn’t to say that videos aren’t coming. The video I’m working on right now about fan game reviews will get you set on which fan games to look forward to. We’ll be looking deep into most of the fan games I found on Gamejolt, as well as taking a sneak-peak at the HN: Hidden Spirits demo before launch. Overall, it could be a pretty good video, so stick around for that.

Anyways, I have nothing else to say. But stick around here on the website for more in-depth updates to things. So thank you for taking your time here, and I’ll see you sometime in the future.

– NateEMG // NateAteYourMate



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