HN:AR Revised is now in ALPHA.

It’s been 10 months since the last update for Hello Neighbor: Alternative Reality. It’s about time I update it.

Reading the title, you might think I’ve gone backwards since the last release was labled a beta. But I’ve actually gone ahead and renamed Beta 1.0 to Alpha 1.0 because it makes more sense to go from alpha to beta and this game is way to early to be in beta anyway. That also means that this new release is going to be called Alpha 1.1.

This version has a lot of new features, bugfixes and improvements and I’m gonna go through some of them on this post.


This version has the same amount of content as the last, but there’ve been both visual and gameplay improvements that’ll make a huge difference. A lot of optimizing has been done as well to ensure that you’ll get the smoothest experience possible.

However, the most important improvement in this build is the AI. It has been reworked again with a completely new system that works a lot better than in the previous version. The neighbor’s modes (Idle, Hunt and Attack) have been improved. He can now pick up objects, track your most favorite places in his house, search under beds and in wardrobes, etc.

Not everything, like distractions or placing traps, has been added just yet but will slowly be implemented in the next coming updates.

I think I’ll leave the rest for you to discover! Alpha 1.1 is available to download NOW on Gamejolt:


+ Added a wrench item that is used to unlock the ladder
+ Added a hiding-under-bed mechanic
+ Added new puzzle elements
+ Added spline roads
+ Added driving cars
+ Added 2 new Idle tasks for the AI
+ AI can now catch you in hiding spots
+ Added chase music
+ Added extra foliage and props
+ Added optimization

= Changed the hammer animation
= Changed the intro sequence
= Changed the graphics menu
= Changed the tutorial level
= Improved the basement level
= Improved the ladder & fixed the soft locking glitch
= AI can no longer get stuck on the road
= AI will stop chasing you when you exit his property
= You can only be seen by the AI if you’re on their property

– Removed the key animation
– Removed the sleeping mechanic
– Removed the umbrella


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